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ClickArt Studios was at Asia Pop Comicon Manila 2016 last Aug 26-28. We featured comic book titles we are working on like The Legend of Everett Forge, The Star-Band Chronicles and Legends of Candralar. Along with these we also showcased our artworks to give people an idea of what we can do. The event was fantastic and we all had a blast. We are very thankful to all who dropped by our booth to say hi and checked out our works. It was flattering that many people appreciated the work we’ve done for these comic books. The fact that they got copies of the books and stayed to discuss the story of these basically new titles was so very awesome. I’m glad that comic readers now a days are more diverse in choosing what to read. This whole experience inspired us to continue what we do and work harder to produce better artworks which we can share to everyone.

So again thank you to everyone who visited us at our booth. Please continue supporting the comic titles and also other properties we are working on. Hope to see you guys again next year at AsiaPop Comicon Manila 2017!

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August 31, 2016


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